What we Offer to our Patients

Laparoscopic Surgery

The Laparoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive keyhole surgeries, where both diagnostic & therapeutic (treatment) procedures are done.

Fissure, Fistula, Piles

For these problems, we do minimally invasive & endoscopic surgery with latest techniques.

LSCS Surgery

An LSCS can be performed as an elective choice or during an emergency when any risk to the mother and newborn is involved in a vaginal delivery.

Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

If the ectopic pregnancy is causing heavy bleeding, you might need emergency surgery through an abdominal incision (Laparotomy)/ Laparoscopic surgery (Minimally Invasive).

Our way to
serve the mankind

Every patient is important to us, hence deserves the best care possible. We are not mechanical in our approach to work ,we deliver care with a personal touch to every patient.

Our Values and Ethics

We understand the suffering of our patients. We also understand the stress and agony of the family, the attendents' concern about their
loved ones. We therefore try & go
extra mile to help both the patients and their kins in these moments of stress. Our working is primarily focussed on 3C's: Compassion, Care & Competency.

Expert Support

We are committed to provide best available medical care with compassion,care & tender touch. We always strive to acquire newer/ better advances in medical sciences and protocol based care.